Client: Get Digital Resources   /   Role: Designer and developer   /   Technologies: WordPress, php, html, css, javascript, Figma   /   VIEW LIVE WEBSITE

Get Digital are a fast-growing, London based recruitment agency that specialises in all things technology and digital. The client was looking for a simple, minimal, single page website where he could list the services they offer, their recruiting process and a way for candidates to submit their CV’s. The end result was a clean, minimal website that meets the client’s vision.

Target audience

  • Ages 20-40
  • Male and female
  • Talent looking for opportunities in the technology sector. 


Project goals

  • Create a modern, clean, intuitive website that could reinforce the brand’s identity in the sector and engage talent looking for opportunities in technology.


Website design process

Stage 1: Discover

  • Defining the culture and values of the company.
  • Qualitative investigation by doing surveys to understand potential users. Survey questions included topics such us: demographic questions, their past experiences and questions related to this new project.


Stage 2: Define

  • Analysing qualitative user data

Stage 3: Develop

  • Produce visual style guides.
  • Wireframes and prototyping stage, iterative process where the users main focus was the functional side of the product rather than the aesthetics.


The goals of the project have been achieved. The design and development process helped creating an efficient product for the users that can bring value to the business. This is a fully functional WordPress website that gives the client the ability to edit and create content as he pleases. This was a client’s request, to have full autonomy to manipulate the website’s content whenever necessary. 

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