Client: Little Portland   /   Role: Designer and Developer   /   Technologies: Illustrator, Figma, html, css, react   /   VIEW LIVE WEBSITE

Little Portland is an events venue based near Oxford street in London. Their mission is to create distinctive events, memorable night life entertainment and incredible dining experiences for Londoners.

Target audience

  • Ages 25-50
  • Male and female
  • Anyone that is looking for exquisite entertainment experiences in London related to music and food. 


Project goals

  • Create a clean, intuitive website where users can hire the venue space for private events, access information about venue organised events and make dining reservations. 

Website design process

Stage 1: Discover

  • Defining the culture and values of the company.
  • Qualitative investigation by doing surveys to understand potential users, who they are as well as what their goals and needs consist of. Survey questions included topics such us: demographic questions, their past experiences and questions related to this new project.


Stage 2: Define

  • Analysing qualitative user data, creating a proto-persona in order to describe and analyse pain points, goals and needs of our most accurate user.
  • Proto-persona summary: Kelly is a young, energetic, social person who wants to find new, exciting venues that can offer amazing nightlife and gastronomic experiences that she can attend on a regular basis. 

Stage 3: Develop

  • Wireframes stage. Iterative process where the focus was primarily the functional side of the product and later the aesthetics. 
  • Visual style guides nailed down the look and feel of the product.


  • Implementing visual style guides. 
  • User testing to detect and fix any usability issues that might persist.


At this point the design process has reached a stage where the developer needs to implement it. Considering I have taken part on this project both as designer and developer my work was not quite done yet.

I have made the decision to make use of one of the most popular Javascript frameworks. I opted for using React JS. I am quite found of its component-based architecture, its shorter dependency list compared to other Javascript frameworks and its flexibility among other conveniences which made it the perfect choice for this project.


The goals of the project have been achieved. The design and development process helped creating a truly meaningful and engaging product for the user and met the client’s vision. The technology used also makes it relatively straightforward to scale the project in the future if the client manifests desire to do so.  

Paulo Natal. All rights reserved.