Client: Spento   /   Role: Designer   /   Technologies: Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma

Spento is an app that helps people and companies managing and automating their expenses. The main objective of this project is to simplify this often complex process.

Target audience

Potential users of this app would be anyone who would like to track their expenses in a more efficient and intuitive way.

User Research

To kick off the project, we spent a few days doing some market research. We worked to ensure that we captured any existing solutions related to the one we wanted to design, so that we could understand what’s currently available and what those workflows look like.

As a second step, we conducted interviews with a small sample of participants. These contributors were Instaltire Design employees. A company we have developed a considerable amount of work for and that we are familiar with.

Afterwards, I led a session with the designers as well as the product manager where we filled out an empathy map to help solidify our joint understanding of the user. This was also a great reference when we were trying to nail down the task flow.


Based on the research findings we did several rounds of ideation to see how we could best structure this experience. Using feedback from both the product management and the development team we were also able to create some more refined card sorting and wireframes.

Validate and Refine

After a few rounds of iteration, we worked out the medium fidelity mockups and I started to feel confident that was moving in the right direction.  We held a few rounds of testing when we had it narrowed down to the final wireframe and overall no usability issues were discovered during this process.

Visual Design

Before moving into the high-fidelity wireframe I’ve developed a base style guide thinking of colours and fonts in order to stay on brand and create a consistent experience across the app.

The objective of the design is to keep it simple, minimal and familiar – scroll gestures, colours, styling, etc. The idea for the visual design is an aesthetically pleasing yet easy concept with minimal distraction to maximise user experience.


The goals of the project have been achieved. The design process helped creating an efficient and appealing product for the user through addressing their main concerns and ensuring the app provides a much more intuitive and pleasing experience.  

Paulo Natal. All rights reserved.