Client: Travelle   /   Role: Designer   /   Technologies: Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma

Travelle is a travel booking platform. It envisions to facilitate the whole process of searching for the best deals from a financial point of view as well as providing an intuitive, quick way of booking flights and accommodation.

Target audience

Potential users of this app would be global travellers of most ages.

User Research

To understand user needs, pain points and behaviours, I met and interviewed some people part of the target market. Through these interviews I gathered some information, mainly about the issues they have experienced while using the app.

Survey Questions

1. How old are you?

2. What does your typical day look like?

3. What are some of the apps you use on a regular basis?

4. How often do you use an app for traveling?

5. How often do you travel?

6. What experiences and activities you enjoy doing when traveling?

7. While planning a trip, what do you need from your travel app?

8. What is the biggest pain point related to managing your booking?

9. What apps or sites do you usually go to when book a trip?

10. What do you like or dislike about these other apps you use?

After finalising these interviews I found that people are certainly in need of a platform which can offer a comprehensive variety of booking options in a single app and that can also provide a seamless, intuitive experience.


Using my interviews I combined my findings to create three personas that would be typical users of Travelle.


1. Challenging to find best travelling deals.

2. Unable to book the whole trip, from flight to accommodation on a single platform.

3. Existing solutions seem to offer cluttered experiences which difficult the booking process.

4. Existing solutions don’t seem to facilitate payment.

5. Current solutions also provide a poor support experience.


1. Make an easy and simple navigation throughout the app.

2. Improve user interface to ensure key elements are clear and accessible.

3. Improve app search usability.

4. Checkout process optimisation.

5. Implement iDeal, which can facilitate gradual payment.

6. Professional, reliable customer service.

Main Features

1. Best deals.

2. iDeal integration.

3. Vast travel options.

4. Powerful, intuitive filter functionality .

5. One step checkout.

6.Chatbot 24/7 help.

7. Quick search.


Visual Design


The goals of the project have been achieved. The design process helped creating an efficient and appealing product for the user through addressing their main concerns and ensuring the app provides a much more intuitive and pleasing experience.  

Paulo Natal. All rights reserved.